Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I get to be an Auntie again and again ......

Sunday, Jared & Summer just announced she is 7 weeks pregnant and is due sometime in March!

Along with that Jared has made it abundtantly clear NO ONE may use the name Titan as that is reserved for his little boy when and if he gets one.

When I was pregnant with Sidney I remember teasing Jared that if I had a boy I did kind of like that name and being the gracious sister I am I did not use his name LOL. Now that was Sunday this is Wednesday and guess what?????
Last night my Brother Aaron and his wife Becca announce not only is she pregnant but she is having a boy and is due in December!!!! My Terd Bucket of a brother thought he'd be funny and not tell us till Becca was 8 months pregnant but thank goodness someone talked some sense into him.
I will actually get to be an Auntie in 2008 as well as again in 2009 - Bring it in I am ready :)